December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas + Solutions

I hope you'll enjoy your Rubik's holidays!! :D

We'll meet again in 5/2 weeks. Meanwhile, don't let yourselves be hunted by badgers XD

Christmas Homework - Day 1 Solutions
I'm sorry for this delay. The  incident wasn't due to myself forgetting about uploading the solutions, but to
a very important fact: I'm in Ponferrada and it was absolutely impossible to get an internet connection until today ;P

If you want to check your day 1 exercises, click here.

Christmas Homework - Day 2 Solutions
We've reached Christmas' equator!! Day 2 solutions are followed by a classic anthem from my high school times XD
If you want to check your day 2 exercises, click here.

 Ecuador by Sash!!

Christmas Homework - Day 3 Solutions
Time is running out guys!!
If you want to check your day 3 exercises, click here.

PS: if your own solutions don't match with that ones in the pdf, and you're completely sure you've done the exercises in their right way, post a comment to this entry ;) Also if you have any doubt, you should share it with us :D

Be seeing you!!!!

December 16, 2011

Polynomials Exam Results

Hi guys! I'm attaching here your last exam marks. You succeeded on scoring a high arithmetic mean, but some of you did actually low your usual results.... Maybe you felt too confindent and you didn't study enough at home... on Monday you'd better tell me!

Anyway, congratulations to those who managed to improve your mark ;D

AB01 6,8
AB02 7,4
AB03 6,5
AB04 5,4
AB05 8,2
AB06 7,6
AB07 7,1
AB08 10,5
AB09 4,1
AB10 8
AB11 8,2
AB12 7,8
AB13 3
AB14 10,3
AB15 4,2
AB16 7,6
AB17 8,6
AB18 6,9
AB19 6,1
AB20 10,2
AB21 6,8
AB22 5,1
AB23 6,1
AB24 9
AB25 8,3

December 13, 2011

Good afternoon-night, class(;
Sorry because I didn't do the post before, but I couldn't do it.

Today we have started a new unit. Unit 4; the equiations.
We saw that an equality is composed of two algebraic expressions united by the equal sign and they can be True, or False; and Identities, or Equations.
Then, we saw the parts of an equation:


The first part; "2x-3" is the first member and it's composed by two terms, "2x" and "-3".
The second part; "3x+2" is the second member and of course it's composed by two other terms; "3x" and "+2".

If the equations have the same solution, they are called "equivalent equation".
Then, we copied some of the rules of the equivalent equations, but we didn't have time to finish that part.

Luckly, Mario didn't send us homework(;

November 26, 2011

Global Exam Results

Hi class! I've just finished your Global Exams correction ;) You'll have the chance to check your operations and (sometimes) imagination next Monday. Meanwhile, I'm posting here the results:

AB01 6,2
AB02 8,4
AB03 7,4
AB04 7,9
AB05 9,4
AB06 6,3
AB07 8,4
AB08 10
AB09 8,6
AB10 7,5
AB11 3,8
AB12 9,2
AB13 5,3
AB14 9,3
AB15 5,3
AB16 6,9
AB17 7,8
AB18 6,9
AB19 6,6
AB20 9,9
AB21 5,8
AB22 6,8
AB23 7,8
AB24 9,1
AB25 7,3

I've had no time at all to review your notebooks, so feel yourselves free to enjoy a weekend without maths homework :P


Attending to Monica's request, I've just add an incredible Finnish song: Sonata Arctica's Full Moon. I love this video! If you try to follow the misheard lyrics it really seems they sing what it's written XD

November 22, 2011

Prime Number Shitting Bear + New Challenge

Have you ever wondered about how many prime numbers may exist?

Well, I guess you haven't, but if you'd like to find out, you should visit a maths classic: The Prime Number Shitting Bear


Let's finish this "numbers" units with this short challenge:

Can you find out the final result of the following opeartion?
$$\left(1-\frac{1}{2} \right) \cdot \left(1-\frac{1}{3} \right) \cdot \left(1-\frac{1}{4} \right) \cdots \left(1-\frac{1}{999} \right) \cdot \left(1-\frac{1}{1000} \right)$$ 

It's easier than it looks!

As always, you must send me your answer to my e-mail and post a comment to this entry ;)
DEADLINE: 1st of December.

Allo and Maite were the only ones who answered the previous challenge. Congratulations guys! You've earned another positive ;)

November 21, 2011

Hi class:)
I´m going to talk about today class.
First we have corrected our yesterday homework that was exercise number 55.Then Mario has explained us how to remove the common factor: we can remove the common factor to a polynomial expression in order to get an easier one.
This is an example: $$4x^{2}y+2xy-4xy^{4}=2xy(2x+1-2y^{3})$$
it means the you have to found one common factor on the polynomial and then you have to divide the polynomial between the common factor.

And after that Mario has explained to us the remarkable identities.
Example: $$(a+b)^{2}=(a+b)(a+b)=a^{2}+ab+ba+b^{2}=a^{2}+b^{2}+2ab$$
the explanation of the result of the operation is that you have to multiply all the factors by each other , it means that: $(a \cdot a) + (a \cdot b) + (b \cdot a) + (b \cdot b) = a^{2} + b^{2}+2ab$

I hope you have understood it.

November 15, 2011

Let's run a poll to find out who really wants this blog-project to continue

I would really like to give this blog and other "different" activities a sencond chance... would you?

If this works, I guess we can try to finish """"that"""" blog activity to learn how to write expressions like:


so our blog looks more... professional.

It's up to you!!

Meanwhile (I mean, while you think your answer to this poll) you may listen to this Loituma's Classic Finnish song (one of the most difficult languages in the whole universe)
Maybe the song rings the bell with you... that's because there's a Disco version called Holly Dolly Song!

Be seeing you!!

Today's lesson (15/11/11)

Today we have done operations with polynomials (page 62). First we learn how to add and substract polinomials. We did the exercise 15 a, b, c, and d. Then we learn how to multiply polynomials with three different cases. First we have multipied a natural number to a polinomyal then we have multiplied a monomial to a polinomial and finally we have multiplied a polinomyal to a polinomyal. It's quite easy.
The homewor is the exercise 15 ( only to multiply because to add and substract we have done in class)

Here is a vido very funny of jose mota i hope you like it :P

November 13, 2011

Hi guys!
This is for all the class and please think about it!
Mario doesn't deserve all the things we are doing. He is the most ''fiera'' teacher we have and it is our fault that we can't do the things he prepared for us. Please do an efford and behave better ok??
And don't blame anybody of the class because it is fault of all of us.
Thanks for reading it!

November 7, 2011

Blooger Session: Learning on creating new entries involving math formulas

As I promised, today we'll learn on how to create new entries with math expressions using just a few new symbols ;) When we need to work on a scientific paper, we use LaTeX Scientific Editor, which is worldwide famous.

-Exercise 0: Math's Enviroment and basic symbols: if you want to include a math formula on a entry or comment, you must first create a "math enviroment". It's very simple, you have to enclose your formulas using the dollar symbol: "$"

Basyc Symbols: TeX recognizes the +, -, =, <, > and : symbols. If you want the multiplication point to be shown, you should write \cdot ("center dot").

$3+5-2 \cdot 3 = 8 - 6 = 2$

-Exercise 1: How do I write a fraction with LaTeX? To write a fraction, for example "one over eight", you should write "\frac{1}{8}" within a math enviroment (between dollars). The \frac part stands for "fraction".

Try now to post this entry writing the following operation (you must yourself get the result):
-Exercise 2: How do I write a power with LaTeX? To write a power, for example "4 raised up to 8", you should write "4^{8}" between dollars. The ^ symbols stands for "raised up to".

Post a comment showing the solution of the following operation:

-Exercise 3: Try to write the next expression combining the two examples above:

-Exercise 4: How do I write brackets with LaTeX? Remember, every time you open a bracket (the "left" bracket) you must close it sooner or later (using the "right" bracket). LaTeX also works on well with the brackets symbols, so if we want to write, for example,
 we should type (-3)^{-2} between dollars.

Type the needed code to represent the following expression:

-Exercise 5: Final Test: Write a comment showing the formula:
-Final Assigment: Would you like to be able to show your formulas in a bigger size? LaTeX provides you a quickly solution; for example:

$\frac{1}{2}$          $$\frac{1}{2}$$          $\huge{\frac{1}{2}}$          $\Huge{\frac{1}{2}}$

November 5, 2011

Hello sorry for the delay…etc
I’m going to write about the last lesson of maths that we have.
Firstly we corrected some exercises about irrational and rational numbers. After this, Mario explained to us the intervals:
There are three types of intervals: open intervals (a, b), closed intervals [a, b] and half closed intervals [a, b)

Hi! I'm Mario "hacking" Iñigo's entry...  :P  Remember that I want you to bring all your doubts to our next Monday and Tuesday lessons, OK?? ;)

 If you feel your brains are about to explode, you'd maybe find some relax watching the infinity-Nyan-Cat-loop XD

November 3, 2011

Yesterday lesson

I´m sorry for the delay. Yesterday we did a lot of things. First we corrected the two exercises of homework about scientific notation and aproximation. After that Mario explained us the irrational numbers (I) and the real ones (R).
Then we did two exercises and finally we did our weekly test. Some exercises were a little difficult and Mario didn´t give us many time.

The homework are the exercises 72, 74 and 82.


The set of the Real Numbers (Rationals + Irrationals):

The New Square shaped Challenge

OK, this week's challenge is clear enough to be written using one single phrase:

If you were asked to divide a square into 4 equal shaped parts... how many different ways would you come up with? One? Two? Three?... Eighty?...

You can either give me your solution in class or send it to my e-mail account. Remember: You're supposed to show the different ways of dividing the square you have discovered! (Feel yourself free to draw them using computer software or delighting us with your sketching skills :P )

Printable-pdf version: click here!!

Deadline: November the 10th.

For those of you who are sick at home, I recommend to take a nap with The Cure's Lullaby ;)

October 31, 2011

Scientific Notation and Approximations Bulletin Solutions

Are you enjoying your long weekend? I hope you'd found some time to practise with the exercices I gave you ;)

If you want to check your answers, you have the chance to download the bulletin with all the exercices solved by clicking ¡¡here!!

Also, if you find yourselves into trouble with the solutions (because there's something you don't understand or, maybe, just maybe, because I got confused and copied something wrong...) you can post a comment asking anything you want me to review or explain ;)

We have 4 sessions left before our EXAAAAM. Next Wednesday, you'll learn about Irrational numbers and, finally, next Thursday I'll tell you about rean numbers intervals.

Next week (Monday or Tuesday), I'm planning to bring the laptops to class so I can finally explain you how to create an entry using maths expressions ;)

Here's one of the best videoclips of the last year! ;)

30 Seconds To Mars - Hurricane


October 27, 2011

Challenge 04

I'm sorry for the delay in uploading the new challenge....  This is one of the best!! :D

If you prefer the printable-pdf version you just have to follow this link ;)

Remember! This time only the first 7 correct answers will be honoured with a positive! :)

DEADLINE: Wednesday, November the 2nd.

How should you create your answer? if you download the challenge image, you'll be able to modify it using paint, gimp, or any similar image-processing software ;) Once you've succesfully answered the riddle, don't forget to post a comment here telling you've solved it and what your impressions are. Then, send your answer to my e-mail account ;)

Good luck!!!!

(This song is from the same band as the one you discovered yesterday)

October 26, 2011

Halloween Themed Session!!

Hi there!

It's been quite nice to find out that you've enjoyed today's lesson  ^_^  I don't want to lie to you; it wasn't an easy one to prepare, but the final result worth the (MY) effort. You happen to be smart students, so I'm sure you all understand that these "special-themed" sessions will only be possible if we keep on working on schedule ;)

So; let me make my point through an example: the better you behave, the less spanking you will get XD. I hope you'll give me the opportunity to try new games/activities from now on. And remember: if you had behaved better, you would've had the chance to experience new and/or different stuff earlier ;P

Enjoy your long weekend!! We'll meet again next Wednesday (one week prior to our next EEXXAAAAAMMMM!!!)

PS: Allo, André are you feeling today? Are your multiple diseases & ilnesses disappearing? :)

Maximum The Hormone - Zetsubou Billy ("Death Note" Anime Soundtrack)

The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon

 Would you like me to share with you the music I've played this morning?

- OK, click here to get the music I played yesterday ;)

October 25, 2011


Today we correct the homework first(Andres was ill so there were no shouts of EXAM or HOMEWORK) and then Mario explained us the truncation, overapproximation and round. I look in You Tube a video of that in Barrio Sesamo but i don't find any video becouse it is to easy for them, so i make one for you:
Then we make some activities in the homework sheet and we read a page explaining us that, i think all the people in the class understand the lesson and we behave more propierly. We make the vote of the strike and if the information i have is not wrong, we haven't got school the thursday because we "win" it.We have from homework the activity sheet the teacher Mario give us.

October 24, 2011





Sorry fans of DJ Santonio and DJ Mi Primo, i thought that andres have upload the remix but he didn't because was ill. Here you have the video:
I know the video is a patatoe but concentrate on music that is bad but not so much

October 20, 2011

Scientific Notation

Hi class!!! I don't know very weel what I have to do but I go to start.

Today in class we studied the Scientific Notation.

A number with a scientific notation has always two parts:

- A decimal number n verifying that _

- A power of 10 with an integer number as exponent.

For example: 300.000.000= 3·108

Then we have done some exercise about the scientific notation,that are: Page 42 (13-15)

13.a)493000000= 4'93·108 d)12'00056= 1'200056·10

b)315000000000= 3'15·1011 e)253=2'53·102

c)0'0004464= 4'464·10-4 f)256'256= 2'56256·102

14.a)0'247·108/ 2'47·107

b)24'7·108/ 2'47·109

c)0'247·10-8/ 2'47·10-9

red= important things

blue= the exponents

I think that that's all:))

I put some videos to entertainment:P

A Freshly squeezed Riddle!

Ok guys, here's your new challenge!! :D

If you prefer the printable-pdf version you just have to follow this link ;)

Remember! Only the firs 6 of you to answer the challenge will get a positive mark ;)

Ok, but... how should I create my answer? It's quite easy...  if you download the challenge image, you'll be able to modificate it using paint, gimp, or any similar image-processing software ;) Once you've succesfully answered the riddle, don't forget to post a comment here telling me you've solved it and then send the answer to my e-mail account ;)

Good luck!!!! Your game has started...

(This 80's song is called "The Riddle" and it just seemed appropiate for the occasion :P )

October 19, 2011

And there's music in the air...!

Hi there!

Iranzu and Maite have uploaded some videos where I reckon that the music (ie, the SOUNDTRACK) is quite important... don't you think so?

One year ago I went to the movies to experience Christopher Nolan's final masterpiece: INCEPTION ("Origen" if you prefer the spanish translation), a film where Hans Zimmer's score is as important as the acting, the cinematography, the script or the editing.

So, I'd like to share with you this video called ANIMALS!. You should watch it twice (the second time with no music at all). You'll notice that music is, sometimes, the best way to transmit and express emotions, isn't it???  :D

Be seeing you!!!!!!


Hi guys!!!!! I'm Iranzu(Anzu!... for some of you...) and i don't know if this is going to work but there it goes...

Today in class we have corrected the exercise that Mario told us to do for homework (the first one of the sheet). Then we've done the letters a, b, d, f, g and h (i think...) and Mario told us to do the rest to practise this HORRIBLE POWERS!!!! =D
So... i don't know what else i can tell you so i leave you this video...

(i don't know if you can see it, because i didn't know how to download videos from youtube so... hahahahah) ENJOY IT!

October 18, 2011


here you have a spanish trailer i have found in you tube :)
i thought is the best trailer of the world...

BINGO Session!

Hi guys!

I've just finished checking your Bingo cards, and we do have a WINNER COUPLE!! Tomás and Íñigo missed their glory just because of 1 mistake (don't you worry boys, you're at the silver position ;P )

And the winners are... Androcles & The Lion!! I guess you all know who I'm talking about  :D  Tomorrow I may bring you some sweet so you can feed yourselves in your break :P

I know some operations were a little tought, but today you've practised a lot! Good job! ;)

I'd like to publish here the videos we enjoyed at the end of the class:

1) Eva Hache's monologue about professions (and mathematicians!)
2) That poor-guy-video who loses 15.000$... Remember, maths are quite important if you're willing to become a wealthy person :P

Homework assignment: Exercise 1 from the "Lemon" sheet I gave you.

Tomorrow we'll work on that kind of exercises (the ones on the sheet) and that session will be our last powers session (OH YEAH!). 

¡¡Exam!! (you all must imagine now Andres' face) date: after some recalculations over our schedule, this unit exam will take place on november the 9th (unless there's any kind of trouble about that date: I mean, exams from other subjects, or whatsoever...)

Be seeing you!!

PD: just a classic spanish Rock song  to end this post (dedicated to Magan`s nº1 fan: Tristán. With all my heart XD)

October 17, 2011




(sorry I can't find it in English )

Correcting exercises...

Hi class, I'm Maite :)
Today we haven't done any special, we have corrected the exercises of last week (56, 57, 60 and 64).
In the exercise 64 Mario has explained us that:

a) (5 2 x 25 2)3 = 5 6 x 25 6 = 56 x (52)6 = 5 6 x 5 12 = 5 18

* We can't do a multiplication of two powers if they don't have the same base, but in this    case 25 is a multiple of 5, so it can be simplyfied as 52.

So the multiplication remains as : 5 6 x (5 2)6
We don't have finished the exercise because we have angered Mario with our      behavior.  
 Next lesson we should behave better !!!

  Red: the exponent

October 14, 2011

DJ Santonio $ DJ Miprimo

Hi class!! The saturday, DJ Santonio (Andrés) and DJ Miprimo (Rubén) are going to create a remix song. Is the debut of DJ Miprimo, because DJ Santonio has already created 3 remix songs. In can´t wait, Dee Jays. Upload the song as soon as posible. I want to see to Rubén singing. He is better than the singers that Mario likes. Please Andrés, tell Rubén to sing in the remix.
This is the video. Thanks Mario. Ahora me sale.

October 13, 2011


Hellow class I´m Nicolas, Nkolapiz in the blog. Today we don´t do any specialy we only correct the homework:first Pablo secondly Andres and finaly Iranzu.
When we finish we made some exercise like, the exercice number 63 and Mario explain us how to simpificed powers like:
42=(22)2 ok.
Then we made mario to be angry an he said us to give the class.
Finaly mario explain us something about the sings.

The homework is exercices 56, 57,60 and 64

DO IT¡¡¡¡¡

October 11, 2011

The main activity of today where the excercises

The words that are in red are for having careful in the time you are doing the exercise and the blue ones are those that we can have more difficulty. These appear at the down part with it signification.

Today in class we've revised the four properties that ''

25 · 43 = 25 · (22)3 = 25 · 26 = 211

c) When you finish a negative operation and the exponent that is raised to is even the base converts in positive. If it is odd it keeps negative.

Example: (-9)6 : (-9)2 = (-9)4 = 94
-(-2)3 = 23 = 8

Those where the three things we have to have in mind when we are operating.

even: that number that you can divide it by two (par)
odd: That number that you can't divide it by two (impar)

Something interesting: look all the things you can obtain with the pieces of a cube

October 10, 2011

Today we started the powers of exponent 0 ,1 and -1
first of all we do some example whith power of exponent 1

A exp.0=1 if a is not cero

Then we did some exersices whith exp -1:that is the inverse of the base

5 exp-1 =1:5

Then we revise 4 properties:

Product of powers: A exp.m x A exp.m=A exp. m plus m

Cocient of powers: A exp.m:A exp.m= A exp. m - m

Power of a power: (A exp.m)exp m= A exp. m x m

Power of a product:(A xB)exp.4= A x Bx A x Bx A x Bx A x B



October 8, 2011


The International Space Station (ISS) is a habitable, artificial satellite in low Earth orbit. The ISS serves as a research laboratory that has a microgravity environment in which crews conduct experiments in many fields including biology, human biology, physics, astronomy and meteorology.
The station has a unique environment for the testing of the spacecraft systems that will be required for missions to the Moon and Mars. The station is expected to remain in operation until at least between 2020 or 2028.
A few weeks ago, the ISS take 600 photos of one of his orbit to pur planet. This is the result:

In the video if if you look carefully you could appreciate rays in the clouds and the lights in the cities. Wonderful, right?

And this is another video of the ISS. It takes photos to an aurora.


Santi Arana

Your new challenge!

Read the following challenge carefully!

I'm about to put myself into bed but I'm feeling a little bit nervous because tomorrow I'll be forced to ride on Port Aventura's Furius Baco (the fastest European Roller Coaster, turning from 0 kmph to 135 kmph in 3.5 seconds!) 

So, I'd like to take a pill for avoiding getting nervous tomorrow and another one to prevent me from feeling dizzy during the ride. I have 2 pills of each kind: the nervous-pills are kept in a red little box and the dizzy-pills in a blue box, but I drop them accidentally and now I have 4 pills and they all look the same! The doctor told me that if I take by mistake 2 pills of the same kind, I'd go crazy-bananas and all your marks could be changed to zero without noticing... terrible!

What can I do to take the proper dose of my medicine?

I have only six positive marks to share!! Try to make it snappy! ;)

Have a nice weekend, kids!