March 30, 2012

Sequences Exam Results

Hey guys! I'm posting here the results... You may won't beleive this, but you have taken 7 exams so far and this one is not the best in what concerns to the results, but the second :DD


AB01 6,1
AB02 4,9
AB03 9,1
AB04 8,8
AB05 8,8
AB06 8,1
AB07 9,6
AB08 10,1
AB09 9,7
AB10 6,2
AB11 6
AB12 8,6
AB13 7,4
AB14 9,8
AB15 3,2
AB16 7,5
AB17 9,2
AB18 6,7
AB19 8,1
AB20 9,3
AB21 3,3
AB22 5,7
AB23 6,4
AB24 10,3
AB25 8,6

A friend of mine has sent me this hilarious picture... do you identify yourselves with any of the situations described?? :P hahaha

I would really like to own a dog like this lovely Akita Inu who understands some of your commands :P

March 24, 2012

Our favourite Childhood Songs + Homework + Challenge

Download a brand new tricky challenge ^_^

Homework: exercices 9, 12, 14, 17, 20, 21, 23 (due next Monday)

I guess you all may have seen the latest VisionLab comercial on TV. I couldn't help recalling some of the old songs I used to love as a child (ages 4 to 8). I would like to share some of them with you so you will all realize how tendencies have changed :P

Vision Lab Comercial:

"Super Disco Chino" and "La Gallina Cocouaua" by Enrique y Ana: 

This is the song the comercial above has been inspired by. This strange duet managed to hit several nº1 hits in the 8 years they were together.
"El Intermedio" used this 80's hit to create one of his hilarious video :D  Click here!

They separated in 1984 and while Ana decided to focus on her studies, Enrique kept on singing and colaborating in some TV shows. Two years ago I did realize who Enrique really was nowadays... and it hit me out! I am talking about Enrique del Pozo (La Noria, Aquí hay Tomate, DEC...)

"Co co ua ua" includes an amazing EXTRA XD

Have you ever heard of Bom Bom Chip? They became quite famous after their Leticia-Sabater-hosted debut in the early 90's with some famous hits as "Toma Mucha Fruta" and "Multiplícate por cero" XD

If you find this interesting (and FUN), let me know and I'll share more "oldies" with you XD

Now it's your time: do you remember any of the "children songs" you used to like 8 or 9 years ago?

March 19, 2012

Maths "ebrigüer"

Reading about Pluton's disgrace when he was relegated to a non-planet state, I recalled about this wonderful video I discovered by chance a few years ago ;)

Hope you'll like it!!

March 12, 2012

Task Assignments + Sequences Solutions

Hey guys!! This first day in Isaba has been a trhilling experience :D I will keep uploading this entry with your doubts and the solutions to the Sequences and Progressions Bulleting I gave you last week ;)

REMEMBER: I would really appreciate if you report me any "bug" (mistake) you find in the solutions so I can correct them all ;) Also, feel yourselves free to ask me any doubt you may find ^_^

Today you have been given the laptops so you can start looking for some information to begin with your papers... ;)

Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio (download)
Mónica, Patricia, Paula, Tristán, Zuriñe

Tartaglia's T. and The Geometric Numbers (download)
Rubén, Andrés, Santi M, Miguel, Nicolás

Numeric Systems (download)
Pablo, Santi A, Helena, Iranzu, Maite

Fractal Geometry (download)
Idoia, Amaia, Ander, Tottita

Classic Problems (download)
Tomás, Edu, Meri, Silvia, Iñigo B.

Extra: El Diablo de Los Números (download)

Sequences and Progressions - Solutions (download)
This file will be uploaded throughout this week ;)

This is the song I played last Thursday, hope you'd liked it ;D

Mando Diao - "Dance with Somebody"

March 6, 2012


  Sorry for the late, I had a problem with the internet
  First of all we have correct the exercises we have har for: HOOOOMWOOORK!!!
  Then, we add in theory section the Addition of  "n" consecutive terms of a G.P.
  If we multiplicate by "r" the term a7  of a G.P. we obtain a8:
  1. S:  a1 + a2 + a3 + ... + an-1 + an
  2. S:        a2 + a3 + a4 +...+ an-1 +an + r+an
2.-1.=  -a1 + r * an

   Then Mario give us the global EXAAAAAAMS!!! and finally the activity of the worbook
  Dentro de poco podreis ver el nuevo video se frank de la junglaaaaa!!!