October 25, 2011


Today we correct the homework first(Andres was ill so there were no shouts of EXAM or HOMEWORK) and then Mario explained us the truncation, overapproximation and round. I look in You Tube a video of that in Barrio Sesamo but i don't find any video becouse it is to easy for them, so i make one for you:
Then we make some activities in the homework sheet and we read a page explaining us that, i think all the people in the class understand the lesson and we behave more propierly. We make the vote of the strike and if the information i have is not wrong, we haven't got school the thursday because we "win" it.We have from homework the activity sheet the teacher Mario give us.


  1. OMG!

    IDOL!! :D

    Ruben, you've made such an incredible entry...!!!

    I just can't help mysefl laughing at your "Teacher Mario" moment... LOL!! :D

    Thank you for reviewing today's lesson with this self-made video!! ;)

    I'm preparing something different and (I hope...) funnier for our next lesson and remember, the exercice bulletin I gave you is not mandatory, ok? You're not supposed to give it to me, it's just a way of reviewing approximations and scientific notation. Solutions will be uploaded next Monday ^_^

  2. WOWWWWW What a wonderfull entrance!!! I believe that anyone can do it better!!! congratulations rubenn!!!!!!!! there is homework?

  3. Very good entry ruben!!!

    Today`s class have been so cool Mario!!!

    Santi Arana

  4. oooouhhh Ruben I like your entrance!!!

  5. yeah trufinoos y examen arribaa

  6. ajjaajjaajjaj now I´m going to see the football match Getafe- Osasuna VIsca osasuna!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Enjoy your football match!! I don't like football, I'd rather face a Tomb Raider's Boss XD