October 27, 2011

Challenge 04

I'm sorry for the delay in uploading the new challenge....  This is one of the best!! :D

If you prefer the printable-pdf version you just have to follow this link ;)

Remember! This time only the first 7 correct answers will be honoured with a positive! :)

DEADLINE: Wednesday, November the 2nd.

How should you create your answer? if you download the challenge image, you'll be able to modify it using paint, gimp, or any similar image-processing software ;) Once you've succesfully answered the riddle, don't forget to post a comment here telling you've solved it and what your impressions are. Then, send your answer to my e-mail account ;)

Good luck!!!!

(This song is from the same band as the one you discovered yesterday)


  1. MArio I think I´ve just discovered the solution. I send you by email!

  2. i've just send it to your email.

  3. Mario I have a very big problem!! I am going to go to my village and there I don`t have internet, can I print it and give to you the wednesday, please??

  4. Ok guys, I've recieved all your solutions ;)

    Paula, I'll be looking forward to receive your printed version next Wednesday ;D

  5. Mario, it's mine well? THE SUPERIORS : http://mathsuperiors.blogspot.com/
    Jajajjaja you have only 650 visits!!

  6. I have just sent you the email Marioooo

    Are you going to celebrate Halloween??

  7. Yes, in his house with the play 3 ajaajaj

  8. Regards from Pontevedra, where the sun is still shining ^_^ I guess you didn't know that we own one of the best beaches around the world... did you?


    I've received all your solutions ;) Of course I'm going to celebrate Halloween Maite :D I've planned a halloween-movies/play3(you're right Tristan XD) half-night with my friends. That's only the starter, afterwards we'll enjoy Pontevedra's nigth life ;)

    Enjoy your halloween weekend! And remember, last bulletin's solutions will be uploaded on Monday ;)

  9. Mario: Do you know that Eduardo is also in Galicia? In Pereiro! Visit him!!!

  10. O Pereiro! OMG! That's two hours drive distance from my hometown! XD That region is called "Galicia Profunda" :P

  11. JAja are you in the Pontevedra´s city or in a village??

  12. mario there are some exercises in the papers that you sent me that i don't understand.

  13. I'm in the village Pontevedra :P

    Allo, I'll upload the solutions tomorrow, but if you want to ask something feel yourself free to post your question here or send me an e-mail :)

    Are you feeling better?? I hope so!! ;)

  14. I guess that question is to be answered by Allo.... :P