December 13, 2011

Good afternoon-night, class(;
Sorry because I didn't do the post before, but I couldn't do it.

Today we have started a new unit. Unit 4; the equiations.
We saw that an equality is composed of two algebraic expressions united by the equal sign and they can be True, or False; and Identities, or Equations.
Then, we saw the parts of an equation:


The first part; "2x-3" is the first member and it's composed by two terms, "2x" and "-3".
The second part; "3x+2" is the second member and of course it's composed by two other terms; "3x" and "+2".

If the equations have the same solution, they are called "equivalent equation".
Then, we copied some of the rules of the equivalent equations, but we didn't have time to finish that part.

Luckly, Mario didn't send us homework(;


  1. Nice work Patricia!! :D

    I really like your entry ;) It was impossible for me to give you homework because there haven't been enough explanations yet...

    But I'm afraid you won't get rid of homework tomorrow :P

  2. Hankypanky, I'm going to send you (agin and again and again) the confirmation e-mail. So PLEASE, check your gmail account and proceed to follow the link shown to activet your admin rights ;)

  3. Mario the marks!!!!!!!!!!! My mark is going to be very low!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I want it1!!

  4. I have finished reviewing your exams.... but you'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out how you actually have done it....

    MUAHAHA (Mean & Evil laugh) XD

  5. Mario you have to upload the marks!!soon!!