December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas + Solutions

I hope you'll enjoy your Rubik's holidays!! :D

We'll meet again in 5/2 weeks. Meanwhile, don't let yourselves be hunted by badgers XD

Christmas Homework - Day 1 Solutions
I'm sorry for this delay. The  incident wasn't due to myself forgetting about uploading the solutions, but to
a very important fact: I'm in Ponferrada and it was absolutely impossible to get an internet connection until today ;P

If you want to check your day 1 exercises, click here.

Christmas Homework - Day 2 Solutions
We've reached Christmas' equator!! Day 2 solutions are followed by a classic anthem from my high school times XD
If you want to check your day 2 exercises, click here.

 Ecuador by Sash!!

Christmas Homework - Day 3 Solutions
Time is running out guys!!
If you want to check your day 3 exercises, click here.

PS: if your own solutions don't match with that ones in the pdf, and you're completely sure you've done the exercises in their right way, post a comment to this entry ;) Also if you have any doubt, you should share it with us :D

Be seeing you!!!!

December 16, 2011

Polynomials Exam Results

Hi guys! I'm attaching here your last exam marks. You succeeded on scoring a high arithmetic mean, but some of you did actually low your usual results.... Maybe you felt too confindent and you didn't study enough at home... on Monday you'd better tell me!

Anyway, congratulations to those who managed to improve your mark ;D

AB01 6,8
AB02 7,4
AB03 6,5
AB04 5,4
AB05 8,2
AB06 7,6
AB07 7,1
AB08 10,5
AB09 4,1
AB10 8
AB11 8,2
AB12 7,8
AB13 3
AB14 10,3
AB15 4,2
AB16 7,6
AB17 8,6
AB18 6,9
AB19 6,1
AB20 10,2
AB21 6,8
AB22 5,1
AB23 6,1
AB24 9
AB25 8,3

December 13, 2011

Good afternoon-night, class(;
Sorry because I didn't do the post before, but I couldn't do it.

Today we have started a new unit. Unit 4; the equiations.
We saw that an equality is composed of two algebraic expressions united by the equal sign and they can be True, or False; and Identities, or Equations.
Then, we saw the parts of an equation:


The first part; "2x-3" is the first member and it's composed by two terms, "2x" and "-3".
The second part; "3x+2" is the second member and of course it's composed by two other terms; "3x" and "+2".

If the equations have the same solution, they are called "equivalent equation".
Then, we copied some of the rules of the equivalent equations, but we didn't have time to finish that part.

Luckly, Mario didn't send us homework(;