January 31, 2012

Tuesday 31 of January 2012

Hi class! Today is Tuesday 31 of January 2012, it's cloudy and a little bit rainy... It's a sad day.

Today we started the lesson correcting the homework, the exercises 64 and 73. Then we have done the exercises 74, 77, 80 and 66(c and d). They were very difficult and long.

We have not behave very good, because we were very talkatives, but it have not been the worst day...

The exam of the units we have studied is on Wednesday 8 of February 2012 and Mario wants to do it impossible for us, so STUDY!

Homework: Exercise 66: a, b and e.

This is not maths, but if you love internet, and you want to preserve it like you know it, you can spend a few minutes of your time reading this...

Do you know what is SOPA? Well, here we have a law which is WORST.  Here is a video of the explanation of the ACTA Law , a new law that the governments want to aprove, and if they do it, the internet as we know it, will desappear...

But we can keep hopeful, because many people is manifesting against this laws, and groups of hackers like anonymus are fighting against this...

Santi Arana 3ºA

January 27, 2012

New Challenge of The Week

This may seem an impossible challenge, but I encourage you to try until you succeed  :D

Draw 9 points distributed through 3 rows and 3 columns:

Will you manage to join those 9 dots using just 4 straight lines without removing the pen from the paper?

Once you've come up with the solution, post a comment to this entry and e-mail an image file to my e-mail address showing your achievement ;)

Let's play a tune from the classic Phantom of the Opera Musical. If you ever have the chance to travel either to New York City or London, you should'nt miss the chance of this thrilling experience :D

January 17, 2012

Frikimaths: Maths lesson (17.01.10)

Hello class first i need to say that i posted this so late because i taked so much time to find how to post this... XD. First we have corrected Mario´s homework. For Example: 3/4x^2+4/5x=0. It was a easy one.
Then we have done some second grade ecuations in class with Mario´s help.
Examples(here we needed to clear x and x+1) (exercise 75) : x^2-(x+1)^2=567
x= 283

I dont know more to post so this is all, i don´t know th homework beause i forgetted the agenda in class XD. See you next time!

January 10, 2012

Today's lesson (10.01.12)

Hi class! Today we should have continued with the working group but yesterday we carry very badly and Mario was angered. Mario has explained the three cases there is for solving second degree equations.
First case:
For example: 4$x^{2}$-36=0
We have to clear x^2:
And the value of x^2 is:
√(9 )=±3
Second case:
For example: 7$x^{2}$-6x=0
We remove the common factor:
The two solutions are:
x=0 x=6/7
Third case:
For example: 8$x^{2}$=0
The only solution for this type of equations is: 0.

And finally we have done an exercise with many steps to solve a quadratic equation, but Mario has told us that there is a formula that helps us to avoid having to do all these steps.
The homework is learn this formula. I hope you have understood it.

January 9, 2012


Hellow, i know is a bit late but i didn't watch that video since today, is incredible...
The badger video give me the idea to make the video, incredibly.

Rubik Session

First, I’d like to congrat you all for succeeding on the Rubik’s Challenge! Most of you have earned 0.3 extra points for your second evaluation final score! :D

If you want to download the pictures I took, click here.

I really hope that the Rubik’s Cube deal managed to open your mind wide and wake all your neurons up for this term ;) Let them shout, like the US nº1 hit from the day I was born.

 Shout (Tears for Fears)

Would you like to know the nº1 hit from the day you were born? Follow this link and you’ll find out… maybe some of you were born under Britney Spears’ sign XDD MUAHAHA...


Be seeing you!!

PS: Allo, the psycho-killer-poker-face you show in one of the pictures is hilarious XD

January 5, 2012

Dj Santonio & Dj Miprimo

Hi class!!!! Here you are the new video created by the boss, the unique, Tristán.I hope you like it!! I include a video of me making the rubik´s cube!!!!!!!!!!