October 20, 2011

Scientific Notation

Hi class!!! I don't know very weel what I have to do but I go to start.

Today in class we studied the Scientific Notation.

A number with a scientific notation has always two parts:

- A decimal number n verifying that _

- A power of 10 with an integer number as exponent.

For example: 300.000.000= 3·108

Then we have done some exercise about the scientific notation,that are: Page 42 (13-15)

13.a)493000000= 4'93·108 d)12'00056= 1'200056·10

b)315000000000= 3'15·1011 e)253=2'53·102

c)0'0004464= 4'464·10-4 f)256'256= 2'56256·102

14.a)0'247·108/ 2'47·107

b)24'7·108/ 2'47·109

c)0'247·10-8/ 2'47·10-9

red= important things

blue= the exponents

I think that that's all:))

I put some videos to entertainment:P





  1. It is very strange that Mario hasn´t comment yet. AJjajaja good post

  2. I've just arrived home!

    Well done Zuriñe! ;)

    Next Monday we're going to review the operations involving scientific notations, and after that we may play a little game :D

  3. JAAjaaj what game? Is monday the strike?


    Tristán, today we've been summoned to gather on a concentration at Antonutti's Park at 17.30. The general strike is set to be next Thursday ;)

  5. Today I´m not going to go to the strike. It´s boring!!!!!!!

  6. I've finished my studies a few years ago, so it's your education the one that's ind danger, not mine... The choice is up to you all!

  7. My mother went yesterday to the strike. It is also your education because you work in it!

  8. i think that it is not homework

  9. You're right, there's no homework :)

  10. mario, can you tell me the homework of today?

  11. Hi Allo! How are you? I hope you just got the flu, or something similar... ;)

    Paula is the one who's going to create today's entry :D but I can summerize it for you ;)

    1) First we reviewed the exercices you gave me last week.

    2) Then we learned how to operate (+, -, x, :) numbers involving scientific notation (it's very easy).

    3) Finally, we (tried to) play(ed) a MEMO game with scientific notation quantities ;)

    I only asked you to do one exercice for tomorrow: exercice 70 ;)

  12. ok thank you. i'm bad. "seguramente" I won't go to class the next days because i've a "neumonia"

  13. ajajjaj exercise 70? exam??????????????????

  14. OMG!! Neumonia... what a terrible disease!

    Don't worry! Take care of yourself ;) I hope to see you soon back in class :D

  15. than you :)
    can you give me the exercises that they have been doing these two days?

  16. I was told that you gave a voluntary paper with exercises.
    if you have it in the computer, can you send it to my email? (allo.radejo@gmail.com)

  17. Hi Allo! I hope you're feeling better today :)

    Ruben is supposed to create today's entry explaining what we did today :D but don't worry, I'll send you the "theory" sheets we've worked with this morning and that bulletin :)

    That bulleting is nothing but a recopilation of exercices involving scientific notation, approximation and errors. I'll upload the solutions next monday (if you print it you'll have enough space to do the exercices in the page :D )

    Remember that it's just a practising bulleting and you're not supposed to give it to me ;)

  18. yes i feel better today :)
    thank you for the email.
    i will try to do the papers.
    i've already seen the entry of ruben.
    in the exam!! i have an A , isn'T it?

  19. Your information happens to be true, allo ;)

  20. what is scientific notation
    Scientific Notation include in the mathematics course. In the world of science some time we deal with numbers which are very small and those which are very large. In some branches of science large numbers while in others very small numbers are used.