March 13, 2013

Thursday Test 07

Dear God... I'm afraid I will not be able to remove that image of Jowy from my mind anymore... O_o

Here you can download the solutions ;)

March 10, 2013

Harlem Shake

Hello everybody! As you all know, Harlem Shake is becoming more and more famous.
In the first nine days of the phenomenon over 11,000 dance versions were uploaded to YouTube and it's calculated that about 4,000 new versions of the dance are uploaded each day.

Harlem Shake has been covered from planes in flight to squads of armies, like this, for example:

Many people have made their own version of this dance, so we decided to make our version too. This is only a trial, we will make the definitive video in a few days.
Meanwhile, here you have our Harlem Shake! We hope you like it: