October 19, 2011

And there's music in the air...!

Hi there!

Iranzu and Maite have uploaded some videos where I reckon that the music (ie, the SOUNDTRACK) is quite important... don't you think so?

One year ago I went to the movies to experience Christopher Nolan's final masterpiece: INCEPTION ("Origen" if you prefer the spanish translation), a film where Hans Zimmer's score is as important as the acting, the cinematography, the script or the editing.

So, I'd like to share with you this video called ANIMALS!. You should watch it twice (the second time with no music at all). You'll notice that music is, sometimes, the best way to transmit and express emotions, isn't it???  :D

Be seeing you!!!!!!


  1. What a wonderful video Mario. You are right. The music is so important in that video and in others too. I like very much de picture of Justin Bieber in the video. JAaajja. I have seen the film of Inception. Is very good, but not the best.

  2. jejejjeje
    I'm agree with you Mario, music is very important to understand adds, videos...
    If we turn off the volume, the video is less exciting.

  3. The music is the best option to express emotions, feelings etc.

    I love when Justin Bieber is in the video between the animals!!!

    When are you going to upload the challenge of the week?

    Santi Arana

    Santi Arana

  4. mario , when are you going to upload the callenge of the week?. because you've said that the first six people obtain positive mark.

  5. I'm glad to see that you've liked the video :D

    You're right Tristan, it's an incredible film but not the best... Christopher Nolan is such an incredible scriptwriter and director! BTW, he's british, and I strongly recommend you to see "Memento", "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Night" (just in case you haven't seen them yet).

    Anyway, Hans Zimmer also colaborated with Nolan in the Batman Saga Score:



    I owe you an apologize... I should've stablished a concrete time to upload the Challenge... I will upload it at 20.00 ;)

  6. ajajaj ok i will be here to make the problem

  7. I knowwww...!!! I've published it 10 minutes later, I'm sorry, but my laptop almost crashed...

    I nearly had a heart attack!! XD

  8. JAjja look my challenge. If it´s wrong, say me and i will correct it.