December 16, 2011

Polynomials Exam Results

Hi guys! I'm attaching here your last exam marks. You succeeded on scoring a high arithmetic mean, but some of you did actually low your usual results.... Maybe you felt too confindent and you didn't study enough at home... on Monday you'd better tell me!

Anyway, congratulations to those who managed to improve your mark ;D

AB01 6,8
AB02 7,4
AB03 6,5
AB04 5,4
AB05 8,2
AB06 7,6
AB07 7,1
AB08 10,5
AB09 4,1
AB10 8
AB11 8,2
AB12 7,8
AB13 3
AB14 10,3
AB15 4,2
AB16 7,6
AB17 8,6
AB18 6,9
AB19 6,1
AB20 10,2
AB21 6,8
AB22 5,1
AB23 6,1
AB24 9
AB25 8,3


  1. Mario I know that I have got a low mark but in my opinion, this is the hardest and the most dificult unit. Don´t tell anything to my parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I will get a higher mark in the next exam!!!!!!!

  2. Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaah!!!!! Tristán parteeeeee eh?? Ajejajejaje my mark is fine

  3. Tristán, let me inform you that polynomials IS NOT the most difficult unit of this year XD It has been the most difficult so far, but I reckon that unit 7 (Progressions and Sequences) would be the one who will require more dedication from you ;)

    But I'm convinced that all of you will survive with honors to that unit if at that moment you decide to follow my instructions :P


  4. I haven`t understood anything on this unit!!!

    It has been the most difficult since we start the classes!

  5. It's not as difficult as you may think, but it needs to be studied at home from the very first day...

    I have prepared some exercices so you all have the opportunity to give a second chance to Polynomials at Christmas (they shouldn't take more than 2 hours of your time)

    I'll handle them to you on Monday next to the "Christmas Challenge" ;P

  6. When will be the next Futurama class?

    They are very cool!!!

  7. We have 2 Futurama sessions left ;)

    One of them will take place next Wednesday, and we'll leave the last one to begin the new year 2012 with it :D

  8. JAJAJAJAJAJMArio, how is the Unit 7 like? Is it difficult?

  9. It's not difficult. Well, I mean, it's not going to be difficult to those of you who finanlly start to study it from the very first day...

    If you don't follow this instructions, I'm afraid you might die from algebraic overdose XDDDD

  10. I'm afraid you're right, my dearest Tristán..... :P

  11. I apologize, I thought you had stated a rhetoric question XD

    It's indeed an algebra unit ;P

  12. Mario, now all 3º is with Rubik`s cube.

    Is an epidemic!!!

  13. JAJAaaj I don´t know how to make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Santi, that would be an amazing epidemic ;)

    I shall bring my camera next Monday to take a picture of all of you squeezing your brain with your own Rubik's :P

    Tristan, you'd better ask for help XD

  15. Well, I will surf on the internet!!!!!!!!!!! Now, I´m going to learn!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Mario mira el record:

  17. I guess you've finally found someone who's "freaker" than me XD

  18. That's the right path, Santi ;D