October 18, 2011

BINGO Session!

Hi guys!

I've just finished checking your Bingo cards, and we do have a WINNER COUPLE!! Tomás and Íñigo missed their glory just because of 1 mistake (don't you worry boys, you're at the silver position ;P )

And the winners are... Androcles & The Lion!! I guess you all know who I'm talking about  :D  Tomorrow I may bring you some sweet so you can feed yourselves in your break :P

I know some operations were a little tought, but today you've practised a lot! Good job! ;)

I'd like to publish here the videos we enjoyed at the end of the class:

1) Eva Hache's monologue about professions (and mathematicians!)
2) That poor-guy-video who loses 15.000$... Remember, maths are quite important if you're willing to become a wealthy person :P

Homework assignment: Exercise 1 from the "Lemon" sheet I gave you.

Tomorrow we'll work on that kind of exercises (the ones on the sheet) and that session will be our last powers session (OH YEAH!). 

¡¡Exam!! (you all must imagine now Andres' face) date: after some recalculations over our schedule, this unit exam will take place on november the 9th (unless there's any kind of trouble about that date: I mean, exams from other subjects, or whatsoever...)

Be seeing you!!

PD: just a classic spanish Rock song  to end this post (dedicated to Magan`s nº1 fan: Tristán. With all my heart XD)


  1. mario Ive some doubts about the operations we did this morning

  2. Exam... This unit's exam! Don't worry, you have 20 days left ;)

    About your doubts, feel yourself free to ask any of them! If you tell me which operations don't fit in your brain, I'll explain them to you :)

  3. jjajaja Mario this song is good but very long and old. I have a trouble with the exam: I don´t want to do it!!

  4. What do you say about androcles and the lyon? In AE last year qe did a performance. I was the boss that have Androcles.

  5. Yeap, that's right! Entre Dos Tierras is 20 years old... you weren't even born! XD Anyway, Heroes Del Silencio was a smash band from the 80's and 90's... general culture! They were from Zaragoza ;)

    I've seen your performance as THE BOSS ;P but this time I'm talking about Androcles (Ruben) & The Lion (Miguel) themselves.

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  7. the lion is me and no Miguel

    You must go to an optician

  8. Really??? No....


  9. yess jajajja Santi he is insulting you jajajaj it was a joke.Oh my god! We were very young jajajjaja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Time goes by, my dear Tristán... :P

  11. I know, I know, Mario. For you too. JEjeeje

  12. Anderrr!!! We didn't win the lollipop!!! :(

  13. I know Tristán... the elder you get, the faster your time seems to fly away XD

    Iranzu, don't worry! There's gonna be more chances in the future ;)