November 3, 2011

The New Square shaped Challenge

OK, this week's challenge is clear enough to be written using one single phrase:

If you were asked to divide a square into 4 equal shaped parts... how many different ways would you come up with? One? Two? Three?... Eighty?...

You can either give me your solution in class or send it to my e-mail account. Remember: You're supposed to show the different ways of dividing the square you have discovered! (Feel yourself free to draw them using computer software or delighting us with your sketching skills :P )

Printable-pdf version: click here!!

Deadline: November the 10th.

For those of you who are sick at home, I recommend to take a nap with The Cure's Lullaby ;)


  1. I have done it Mariooooo !!!
    But I don't know many different ways to do it...

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  3. que es lo que esta escrito abajo en la version imprimible?

  4. I just wanted to remember you that when you divide the square you must get 4 partes with the SAME shape and the SAME area (whate we usually understand by "partes iguales") :P

  5. i've already sent to you mario

  6. I've only received Maite's and Allo's solutions... C'mon!! IT'S VERY EASY! :D