November 26, 2011

Global Exam Results

Hi class! I've just finished your Global Exams correction ;) You'll have the chance to check your operations and (sometimes) imagination next Monday. Meanwhile, I'm posting here the results:

AB01 6,2
AB02 8,4
AB03 7,4
AB04 7,9
AB05 9,4
AB06 6,3
AB07 8,4
AB08 10
AB09 8,6
AB10 7,5
AB11 3,8
AB12 9,2
AB13 5,3
AB14 9,3
AB15 5,3
AB16 6,9
AB17 7,8
AB18 6,9
AB19 6,6
AB20 9,9
AB21 5,8
AB22 6,8
AB23 7,8
AB24 9,1
AB25 7,3

I've had no time at all to review your notebooks, so feel yourselves free to enjoy a weekend without maths homework :P


Attending to Monica's request, I've just add an incredible Finnish song: Sonata Arctica's Full Moon. I love this video! If you try to follow the misheard lyrics it really seems they sing what it's written XD


  1. I like the marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They are better than the other exam!!!!!!!! Congratulations to all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I don't like my mark xDDDDD
    Put other songs on the blog, I don't like these ones xDDDD

  3. Congratulations Tristan XD

    Monica, I've just put another song following your wishes :P