October 8, 2011

Your new challenge!

Read the following challenge carefully!

I'm about to put myself into bed but I'm feeling a little bit nervous because tomorrow I'll be forced to ride on Port Aventura's Furius Baco (the fastest European Roller Coaster, turning from 0 kmph to 135 kmph in 3.5 seconds!) 

So, I'd like to take a pill for avoiding getting nervous tomorrow and another one to prevent me from feeling dizzy during the ride. I have 2 pills of each kind: the nervous-pills are kept in a red little box and the dizzy-pills in a blue box, but I drop them accidentally and now I have 4 pills and they all look the same! The doctor told me that if I take by mistake 2 pills of the same kind, I'd go crazy-bananas and all your marks could be changed to zero without noticing... terrible!

What can I do to take the proper dose of my medicine?

I have only six positive marks to share!! Try to make it snappy! ;)

Have a nice weekend, kids!


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  2. if you go crazy you would put a ten to ell the people jajaja.this isn't maths,it't impossible to know what to do except don't take any of them
    I've in port aventura 3 months ago and it's fantastic, but this atraction is less scary than the hurakan condor.

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  4. buuff !!

    You can cut two pills in half and eat a half of the first pill and later a half of the second pill, and wait for the effects.
    But you can also distinguish if their taste is the same or not.
    Good luck Mairo !!! jeje

  5. Yes, cutting the pills in half is the answer!

  6. What Maite and Monica say is true. you must to cut the pils to solve the problem!


  7. what they've said about cut them it`s true.

  8. Mmm... thanks for your help!

    You've given me an incredible idea! If I cut in halfs the 4 pills and I eat one half of each one, I'll get my proper dose! :D

    So: allo, Monica, Santi and Maite; you've all won a positive!! :D

    Tomorrow I'll come up with a new riddle! Let's see what it brings about... :P