October 6, 2011

Unit 1: Results

Wow! You finally managed to gather 15 contributors :P

As I promised to you, I'm publishing here your marks. They are quiet good, aren't they?

AB01 7,3
AB02 9,2
AB03 8,8
AB04 8,6
AB05 9,7
AB06 6,2
AB07 9,7
AB08 10
AB09 8,7
AB10 9,6
AB11 8
AB12 10
AB13 7,7
AB14 10
AB15 7
AB16 7,7
AB17 9,4
AB18 10
AB19 7,1
AB20 10
AB21 5,5
AB22 6,7
AB23 8,7
AB24 9,8
AB25 8,8

Since some of you are obsessed with AC/DC, I'd like, if I may, to discover you some other classic rock bands. This one in particular, Meat Loaf, has the world-wide record of the third most-selling album of the american history ;) This classic song is from 1981, 30 years ago. Hope you like it!!

(Meat Loaf feat. Cher - Dead Ringer For Love)


  1. the marks are very good. I hope all the rest of the exams that we will do have the same good marks.

  2. Thanks Mario!

    Very good marks!


  3. You finally put them!!!! Ahhahah

  4. Will you give us the exams? I want to see mine.
    I had heard about Meat Loaf, but I haven't actually listened to them. They're good, but they definately aren't the best.

  5. in the next exam i will have a bigger mark

  6. Monica, I agree with you! I like Meat Loaf but I don't think they are the best... why don't you come up with another band? ;)?

  7. a better band than meat loaf is muse. this nis a very good band. i want to see mine to.

  8. AC/DC and Guns n' Roses are the best rock bands ever! But I know some other bands that I could share.

  9. Allo, I had the chance to go to Muse's performances twice: in 2003 and 2010. They were way much better in 2003 (when they were still an almost-unkonw band).

    In 2010, I found myself surrounded by Emo-Jacob/Edward-Twilights...!! :O ARGH!

    Monica, I prefer Iron Maiden, but Axl Rose is like GOD! You should also care about female rock singers lke Alannah Myles!


  10. Iron Maiden is good, but definately isn't my favourite. I don't know to much about metal, but for me the best metal band is Helloween.
    Axl Rose is probably one the biggets idiots in the world, but he also is one of the best frontmen in the world. On stage he really is incredible.
    Alannah Myles sounds good, but not really my type. I'll look up more of her songs some other time :P

  11. Wow!! You must be the only 14 year old girl in the school who knows about Helloween :D I discovered them when I was 13 years old (well, my uncle discovered them to me :P ). They are just GREAT!!

    My favourite metal bands are the Finnish like Stratovarius and Sonata Arctica:

    Stratovarious - Forever: A classic Anthem!

    Sonata Arctica - Full Moon

    HIM is also a famous Finnish band. I'm sure you must've heard about them! ;)

  12. is a "pena" the muse concert sorrounded by emos...
    bgut the music that they do is very good.

    muse- neutron star collision


  13. I totally agree ;) but their performances were much better years ago. Those songs are incredible (and of course, they played them in the concert I attended to last year).

    Have you ever heard to their first albums?

    Muse - New born:

    Muse - Bliss:

    Muse - Knights of Cydonia:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_sBOsh-vyI (I LOVE this video XD)

  14. yes i've herad a lot of songs of them. I like the videoclip to. I would to go to a concert of muse but they don't came to spain at the moment.

  15. Dont' worry allo! I had to wait 13 years to attend one of my favourite groups performance: The Human League (they started in 1978, so they are close to death XD)

    To finish this Muse chating, I'm linking you to this Muse video:


    This is from a German Tv programme. They were forced to perform with playback, so they decided to change instruments and vocals XD

    The best point, is that the TV hoster never realized this changes had been made. I bet she hadn't even heard about them :P

  16. Hello everybody! I have a question. We must to study the asian seas and Africa to the Geography`s test tomorrow?

    With the teacher Luis

    Can anybody answers me?

    Santi Arana

  17. OMG! I would fail that exam FOR SURE!!

  18. I go with eva, but with Luis, someone say me that you can copy and talk in the exam. Mario, were you good at geography?

  19. I'm Eva: my exam is quite difficult... so you better start to study RIGHT NOW!!!

  20. I have get up at 6:30 in the morning to study all the maps. Do you call this study?

  21. No... you should've studied them before! Anyway, how was your exam? Did you manage to complete the maps??

  22. yes we have had to do all the maps.