October 6, 2012

Second Challenge and Exam Results

How are you doing? I've only received 3 answer to last week's challenge. I've noticed that more ore less you know what the solution has to do with, but they're a little bit inaccurate.. Anyway, since you've come quite close, Alba, Patricia and Bea have won a Challenge's Possitive ^_^

The solution is quite simple:

- If $1<a$, then it holds that $\sqrt{a} <a$
- If $0 < a <1$, then it is true that $\sqrt{a} >a$
- As Patricia correctly stressed, we have two special cases: $\sqrt{1}=1$ and $\sqrt{0})=0$.

You can try with your calculator to check the answers ^_^

Power and Radicals Exam Results

A01 6,2 BC01 9,6
A02 8,5 BC02 9,3
A03 9,8
BC03 9,1
A04 4,8 BC04 9,4
A05 7,6 BC05 8,7
A06 6,9 BC06 7,8
A07 5,9 BC07 6,1
A08 5,4 BC08 5,6
A09 4,3 BC09 6,1
A10 6,5 BC10 4,3
A11 7,1 BC11 7,5
A12 5,9 BC12 5,9
A13 8,9 BC13 6,9
A14 7,7 BC14 9,2
A15 4,3 BC15 3,7
A16 9,7 BC16 4,1
A17 6,9 BC17 7,9
A18 8,3 BC18 8,4
A19 6,1 BC19 9,3
A20 5,5 BC20 7,6
A21 3,8 BC21 5,9
A22 5,4 BC22 8,7

Mostly, those of you who worked every day and focused in every lesson have achieved a good great (despite some silly mistakes which you should take care of)

Second Challenge: Romeo and Juliet

These two snails are Romeo and Juliet. Juliet has been waiting in her balcony for her lover‘s arrival, but Romeo has just had dinner and he has truly forgotten the number of Juliet’s house. Every square represents one house (64 in all, including Romeo’s and Juliet’s) and the passionate lover will visit every single house one time and one time only before reaching to Juliet.

 You must try to help him to find his way but be careful… he is only allowed to move upwards, downwards, to the left, to the right and diagonally.

One more thing:  You are only entitled to use up to 20 straight lines… it seems our little fellow is not keen at all about turning on corners…

The procedure is the same as always: send me an e-mail with the solution and post a comment to this entry. This challenge's deadline is  October the 19th. Ony the first 10 valid solutions will get a positive!! Don't miss the chance!

Printable version HERE!

Tip: The best way to try to solve this is copying the image to gimp, paint or a similar software and draw the lines over it.

By the way, in two weeks time, Keane will be playing alive in Pamplona. I had the chance to attend one of their performances eight years ago, and they sound quite impressive alive ;)

Keane - "Silenced by the Night"