September 27, 2012

Let's get started with this new school year!!

Welcome back guys!

The first challenge it is quite simple: Try to explain the following situations:

- What values of $a$ would make the expression $\sqrt{a} < a$ be true?
- What values of $a$ would make the expression $\sqrt{a} > a$ be true?

You must follow the usual instructions: once you know the solution, post a comment and send the answer to my gmail account which you should remember...

And do not worry about the Radicals! In October an old friend of yours will be baaaack!! :D

Exercises 75, 76 and 77: PDF VERSION


  1. In my opinion, this problem is associated with the fractions and the radicals.
    The solution is in my e-mail for you, Mario.
    I think the numbers 0 and 1 are the keys in the solution.
    Is this true?

    1. That's true!! ;) I'm about to publish Unit 2's exam results! :D

  2. Mario, could you remember me your gmail account, please?

  3. Mario, I've already sent you the answer to your gmail account

  4. I've also sent you the answer...