October 27, 2012

Last Exam's Results

These are the grades you have obtained in this week's exam:

A01 6,7 BC01 9,8
A02 8,5 BC02 9,1
A03 8,3 BC03 8,3
A04 6,5 BC04 8,6
A05 5,4 BC05 8,5
A06 8,7 BC06 8,1
A07 7 BC07 3,9
A08 4,3 BC08 7,7
A09 4,2 BC09 8,1
A10 5,6 BC10 7
A11 6,4 BC11 7,1
A12 7,3 BC12 8,3
A13 9,5 BC13 6
A14 5,1 BC14 9
A15 7,1 BC15 6,5
A16 9,3 BC16 6,1
A17 7,6 BC17 8,2
A18 6,8 BC18 9,4
A19 6,6 BC19 9,4
A20 5,4 BC20 5,7
A21 1,7 BC21 8,4
A22 6,1 BC22 6,9

Alba has granted herself a new possitive thanks to the solution of last week's challenge!!

Here you have a new one:

The Gallons’ Problem

Imagine the following situation: a bomb is set in Taconera’s Park and you are the only on capable of dismantling it. Spanish CSI Special Agent  Euler Piruleta requires your services and you find yourself before this bomb…

Only 4 minutes are left before the bomb explodes and the only way of stopping it is placing a bottle filed with 4 gallons of water in a balance. You have a 3-gallon and a 5-gallon bottle and a fountain with a continuous stream of water…

How can you get those 4 gallons inside one bottle using the 3-gallon and 5-gallon bottles?

Remember: our future depends on you!!! :D

Dedline: November the 4th! Do not forget to post a comment if you discover the solution  ^_^


  1. I have sent you the solution...I hope Taconera's park doesent explode.

  2. Mario, I have sent you the solution... I think it's well done.