March 12, 2012

Task Assignments + Sequences Solutions

Hey guys!! This first day in Isaba has been a trhilling experience :D I will keep uploading this entry with your doubts and the solutions to the Sequences and Progressions Bulleting I gave you last week ;)

REMEMBER: I would really appreciate if you report me any "bug" (mistake) you find in the solutions so I can correct them all ;) Also, feel yourselves free to ask me any doubt you may find ^_^

Today you have been given the laptops so you can start looking for some information to begin with your papers... ;)

Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio (download)
Mónica, Patricia, Paula, Tristán, Zuriñe

Tartaglia's T. and The Geometric Numbers (download)
Rubén, Andrés, Santi M, Miguel, Nicolás

Numeric Systems (download)
Pablo, Santi A, Helena, Iranzu, Maite

Fractal Geometry (download)
Idoia, Amaia, Ander, Tottita

Classic Problems (download)
Tomás, Edu, Meri, Silvia, Iñigo B.

Extra: El Diablo de Los Números (download)

Sequences and Progressions - Solutions (download)
This file will be uploaded throughout this week ;)

This is the song I played last Thursday, hope you'd liked it ;D

Mando Diao - "Dance with Somebody"


  1. Hi Marioo!!! We are Paula and Zuriñe. How are you in Isaba??
    One question, can we do the rabbits reproduction of Fibonacci with a funny story?? JAJASJAJAJAJ XDDD

    1. It's such a WOOOONDERFUL day here in Isaba :D

      Of course you can use anything you want to explain Fibonacci Rabitts! ;D Furthermore, it's great to see that you have either imagination and/or new ideas ^_^

  2. Thanks Marioo!!
    We have more ideas for the work:))

  3. Que fotaca la segunda ehh1!!!!que morro!!!!!!ya quiero ir yo pá lla!!!

    1. Hahaha!! Didn't you know that both your maths and Gimnastics teachers are the "JEFAZOS" of the Navarro Villoslada? XD

  4. XD, the challenge of the week, when do we have to give it to you?

    1. Marioooo!
      There's a mistake in 14a)
      in the final sum A20=10'5n!!
      so, S20=115
      uajajjajajjjajja XD

    2. tu primero damelo a mi k ya yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ya se lo dareeeeeee

    3. Mr. Garlic, hand it to me throughout next week ;)

      Tristan, you better think it yourself so your single-neuron gets finally activated XD

  5. In exercise 26.
    When you get... R (up to) 3 = 8/1000 = 1/125 = 1/5(up to)3 and the result is r=1/5.
    Do we have to simplify the fraction to remove R (up to)3 and get only the R??
    jejeje XD Answer me pleaseee!

    1. Hia Maite! Thank you for warning me about that (one of many) mistake ;) You are right! :D

      If you don't simplify the fraction you get that r = 2/10, which is the same as 1/5, so simplifying first is not needed as long as eventually the same result is obtained :)

      Be seeing you!

  6. Hi Mario! I agree with you, Isaba is incredible!

    How will we perform this work? As an oral exposition with Power Point? Or how?

    I hope you'll be very good at Isaba.

    1. Hi Santi! Some instructions have been included in the
      information sheet attached to this e-mail.

      You are asked to preppare an oral presentation using any
      multimedia resource you want.

      There is no deadline yet, but you won't be asked to finish
      this before april ends ;)

      See you next week!

  7. Hi, Mario! :)
    In exercise 29, the numbers aren't a G.P, are they?
    If that's not true, I don't understand it.

  8. Another thing, in exercise 30 letter d) you put 27, but it has to be -27. Hasn't it?
    So, the result will be -81/4. Won't be?

  9. Hi Patricia!!

    The third term of the GP in the exercise 29 should be 189,5 instead of 192, you are right! :D

    Let's move now to exercise 30. Yes, a_{a} = -27 and I copied 27 instead from the formulation XD

    Thank you for sharing this corrections! ;)