March 24, 2012

Our favourite Childhood Songs + Homework + Challenge

Download a brand new tricky challenge ^_^

Homework: exercices 9, 12, 14, 17, 20, 21, 23 (due next Monday)

I guess you all may have seen the latest VisionLab comercial on TV. I couldn't help recalling some of the old songs I used to love as a child (ages 4 to 8). I would like to share some of them with you so you will all realize how tendencies have changed :P

Vision Lab Comercial:

"Super Disco Chino" and "La Gallina Cocouaua" by Enrique y Ana: 

This is the song the comercial above has been inspired by. This strange duet managed to hit several nº1 hits in the 8 years they were together.
"El Intermedio" used this 80's hit to create one of his hilarious video :D  Click here!

They separated in 1984 and while Ana decided to focus on her studies, Enrique kept on singing and colaborating in some TV shows. Two years ago I did realize who Enrique really was nowadays... and it hit me out! I am talking about Enrique del Pozo (La Noria, Aquí hay Tomate, DEC...)

"Co co ua ua" includes an amazing EXTRA XD

Have you ever heard of Bom Bom Chip? They became quite famous after their Leticia-Sabater-hosted debut in the early 90's with some famous hits as "Toma Mucha Fruta" and "Multiplícate por cero" XD

If you find this interesting (and FUN), let me know and I'll share more "oldies" with you XD

Now it's your time: do you remember any of the "children songs" you used to like 8 or 9 years ago?


  1. i'll give t you on monday.
    I don't remember name of sopng of 8 years ago xd.
    it's very funny the first one

  2. Yeap, you have until next Tuesday to solve it ;)

    Disco disco disco disco chino chino chino chino fino fino fino filipiiiiinoooooo!!!!

  3. XD
    put the marks! I have to have 9'5 or more....

  4. upload the marks please

  5. I've just send you the solution of the challenge!! :D

  6. I sent the challenge to you. it is good?