February 18, 2012

Equations & Systems solutions + The Pilgrim's Challenge

Hi guys! I've just finished writing the solutions of the bulletin I uploaded a week ago with the equations and systems exercices to practice... I beg you to try to solve them before checking the solutions, so your neuron works a little bit... but, don't work too hard since it might get stressed!! (yes, I'm trying to sound sarcastic XD)

Click HERE to get the solutions.

Here's a new challenge I discovered a few days ago. I solved it at my journey from Pamplona to Pontevedra, involving no more than 5 minutes, so I guess you'll have no trouble at all trying to face it :D

The Pilgrim’s Problem

An Italian pilgrim was planning his journey from Rome to Santiago de Compostela. Before arriving to Spain, he wanted to visit 64 different cities using only 15 straight pilgrimages. The map he was currently in possession of, showed the different paths communicating all the cities he wanted to visit.  


Would you be able to draw a path using 15 straight lines without removing the pencil from the sheet so the pilgrim manages to complete successfully his trip?

Watch it: You MUST start your trip from the black spot, but you can finish it wherever you want. Note there’s one missing connection between two towns at the bottom of the drawing. 


If you prefer to download a printable pdv version, click HERE.

Let's cherish this holiday week with some music!! LET'S DANCEEEE!!!

(Mando Diao - Dance with somebody) 


  1. Non era sen tempo!


  2. Mario, can I give you the solution tomorrow?

  3. Mario, can I give you the solution tomorrow?