February 9, 2012

7/2/12 Lesson

The last day we started a new unit: Successions and Progressions. Mario says that this we should study every day if we want to learn it. We wrote an index for the unit and then we started with point 1, Successions and General Terms. We had to write a lot of theory stuff. We learned when successions were and and how to find the number that occupies x position in it. The formula with we use for this is called general term. The different types of successions depend on the general term:
  • When it the general term doesn't depend on other terms. An example of this are the natural numbers.
  • Recurrent successions: the general term depends on other terms. We will learn more about these later on.
  • Successions without general term, like pi's decimals.
Then we did excersises 1 and 4. I hope that this unit won't be very difficult.


  1. Good entry monica!!!

    But Mario said that for study on the right way this unit, we must to study every day...

  2. Successions??? XDDD One thing must be said: you haven't run out of imagination :P

    The term "sucesión" is translated as Sequence when talking about maths ;) Succession would refers to dynasty and other stuff :P