March 9, 2014

Welcome back to reality!! YEAH!

Hi guys!

I very much hope you've had an amazing week! Are you 100% ready for the next month?? :D

I've been skiing 250 km these past few days in Saarselka (North Finland, Lapland) with some friends. 

It has also been great to see the Baltic Sea completely frozen! O_o

You can download here the solutions for the extra bulletin to review the exam you will have in two weeks. 

See you tomorrow!!!


  1. Hi Mario! I saw that there's a mistake in exercise 9, the formula of the first chart is wrong.
    PD: :O you went to Lapland that's cool!! I hope that you've enjoyed a lot :D

    1. Probably one more consequence of the copy+paste technique... hehehe... Thank you very much for sharing!! :D The link should lead you now to the new version (with the right formula ^_^)

      Lapland was awesome! A great new experience!

  2. Mario I don't understand what did you do in exercise 35 for getting the general term, is it ok if we just leave it like 3^n-1/81 ?

  3. Yes, don't worry! It is just a transformation using powers and their properties.

    81 = 3^4 , so I replace 81 with that power and then use the property of the division of powers with the same base (subtraction of the exponents). But yoy don't need to get that far with the operations ;)