September 19, 2013

The Problem with the Pills

Last year’s white week was a great experience, but Elena and I needed some help to cope with all your daily crazy stuff That’s why the doctor prescribed us some pills to both avoiding getting nervous (Pills Type A, blue bottle) and preventing us from feeling dizzy during the day (Pills Type B, green bottle). We had 6 pills of each type (one for each day) and all of them looked and tasted exactly the same.

The problem is that on the first day I dropped them accidentally and two B-pills and one A-pill fell from the bottles and I couldn’t tell which of those three pills were the two B-pills and which was the A-pill!

I was terrified because the doctor had told me that if by any chance I would take by mistake 2 pills of the same type, I’d go crazy-bananas and all your grades could be changed to zero without even noticing what a disaster!

Anyway, that didn't happen...

So... how did I manage to take the proper dose every day? (one type-A pill and one Type-B pill)

Deadline: Thursday the 27th of September
Hand in your solution: you can either send your solution by e-mail or hand in a handwritten copy next week.
There is available a printable version.

Have a nice weekend! 

This song is from one of the first CD's (there was a time when people used to buy CD's, cassettes, vinyls...) I have ever bought in my life (I was 13 years old). 

The Offspring - "All I want"

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