February 1, 2013

The Impossible Calculation

Can you tell the LAST digit of the following number? $$\huge{3^{2005}}$$

Click here to download the geogebra exercises we have done in class these past few days :D

Have a nice weekenndddd!!!!


  1. So, what's the point in us trying to calculate something wich title is "the imposible calculation"?

  2. Good question!

    Let's say that the point could be showing that actually it is not an impossible calculation XD

  3. HI Mario!
    I have some questions of this Friday's exam:
    - Can we practise in class the analytic definition for a graph?

    - The domain for a function: All the real numbers except the value that gives 0 in the denominator. Is OK like that??
    See you on Mondaay!

  4. Hi Maite! Tomorrow we'll practise that thing amongst others, and next day I'll give you back last "Thursday Test" to try it once again, so you'll all have the chance to do it a second time ;)