January 27, 2012

New Challenge of The Week

This may seem an impossible challenge, but I encourage you to try until you succeed  :D

Draw 9 points distributed through 3 rows and 3 columns:

Will you manage to join those 9 dots using just 4 straight lines without removing the pen from the paper?

Once you've come up with the solution, post a comment to this entry and e-mail an image file to my e-mail address showing your achievement ;)

Let's play a tune from the classic Phantom of the Opera Musical. If you ever have the chance to travel either to New York City or London, you should'nt miss the chance of this thrilling experience :D


  1. O.o
    I will try it but I don't know how to start solving it XD
    Je je see you on Monday !!!

  2. Try to use your imagination ;) This drawing has no boundaries at all (that's a clue) :P

    Do not enlarge the dots' thickness XD

  3. I'm sorry! I made a mistake uploading the challenge, you're supposed to use 4 straight lines!!!

  4. Mario I have solved it. I write an email to you.

  5. Mario, it is compulsary to use 4 lines?

  6. Wow, "compulsory", are you reading Shakespeare? :P

    It's not mandatory to use 4 straight lines... but if you manage to sort the challenge use using less, maybe you'll change maths as we the mathematicians understand it XD

    REMEMBER: Do not enlarge the dot's thickness XD

  7. I have sent you the email Mariooooo!!!!
    jejejjej :)